Do you want stop suffering anymore?

Attention Developing Management.

Your Attention is your most valuable limited resource

Attention is the currency with which you buy Suffering or Happiness

Every Thought that we use we bought and paid via our Attention

Who or what controls your Attention controls your life

What does Attention management mean?

It means We can manage our Thoughts

Thoughts will stop affecting our life

It means We can choose when and which thoughts to use

This skill can be trained

It means We can be independent of Thoughts

Thoughts are not only ideas, thoughts are also all fears, blocks, resentments, habits, addictions, expectations, desires, and so on

We begin to feel freedom, peace and state of "Yeees"

We have state of well-being regardless of anyone or anything

We can stop to suffer anymore

Suffering starts to get out our lives. We find our happiness which depends only on us.

It means We manage our lives without suffering.

For this, we need to learn how to use our Attention and realize what Thoughts are. An then Just be.

What is MyAttention?

30 Exercises

These are unique mental workouts that are not found anywhere else in the world. Each workout is aimed at different "muscle groups" of Attention.

30+ hours of communication

These are unique mental workouts that are not found anywhere else in the world. Each workout is aimed at different "muscle groups" of Attention.

Your Research

Each exercise is your real research on fundamental phenomena, that will help you in life

One time in life

it is enough to do them once in a lifetime. No need add it to your daily routine

What achievements can you get?

  1. You'll experience a deeper insight into your mind and thoughts 
  2. You'll experience a deeper insight into your attention
  3. You'll get tools and skills to use your mind and thoughts that you already have or that have not yet come to you 
  4. You'll develop your attention
  5. You'll gain the skills and tools to use your attention
  6. Of course you'll get the tools to be happy
  7. How not to lose your happiness
  8. How to stop suffering
  9. How to stop getting stuck in emotions
  10. How to stop getting stuck in thoughts, including fears, addictions and so on 
  11. Perhaps you'll experience a deeper insight into your being 
  12. Perhaps you'll find the meaning of your life 

MyAttention метод не связан ни с одним духовным, эзотерическим, религиозным или какими-то другими течениями​

Sasha Granovski

About attention

"I noticed that attention is a limited resource. When we use it, we get state of well-being, as if we are doing something right. Awareness and mindfulness are just part of attention." He spent thousands of hours on his own research on Attention and Thoughts, without religions and esoteric.


Sasha founded his Labudhi meditation center in 2018 and created his own attention training method. The center was closed in 2022 because Sasha realized that the conditions of the center were no longer suitable for such activities, since the world had changed twice by this time. Also Sasha had personally trained about 150 trainers of his method. Sasha collaborated with the large private IT company to implement MyAttention method so that all participants in the workflow get state of well-being now and in the future. This is building different types of relationships through Attention.


Sasha is the founder and CEO of the technology company fhela in the field of cybersecurity and FHE, in which internal relationships are built through Attention. 

First exercise

Training Tools Attention

Dividing attention into many objects (up to 15 objects).

Developing Mind Control Skills

Developing the skills to manage your thoughts

Developing skills to use thoughts

Develop skills to use your attention

Focus on defocus

Flexible attention span

Deep Attention Research

We use only what we always have: feelings, thoughts, mind, attention

Increasing complexity

Observing thoughts from afar

Switching attention

Feelings on and off

Changing speed

Dividing attention into static and dynamic

Deep research of the nature and behavior of thoughts

Research of the mind

Developing sensitivity through attention

Without religion and esotericism

Each exercise is unique and you will not find them anywhere else

Old Reviews

We don't record reviews right now, so all of our new students are kept confidential. 
You can watch our old recordings which were made in our old meditation center 3-4 years ago.

What are you willing to do or how much are you willing to pay for permanent Happiness?